ymphibian music demo

Effect is very proud to present ymphibian.  A chiptune album demo from Tom Kito and Proto of Effect.

This music demo features 12 top class SID and digital music tracks by Proto of Effect.  The tracks included on this demo are as follows:-

  1. Basics
  2. Mortal Kombat (STE)
  3. Mantrax
  4. Dream
  5. CobraCOM (STE)
  6. Camel Trot (STE)
  7. dymb
  8. Metabuzz
  9. Battle Royale (STE)
  10. Buzz
  11. The Joker (STE)
  12. Doom

Once started, this music demo will auto play all tracks on this superb album.  So, sit back, grab a beer and enjoy the banging beats coming from your Atari ST’s YM2149!

ymphibian music demo (TOS file, 1mb+, fully compatible with STeem) (334 downloads)

Outline Online 2020 – Being John Malkovich II: Being Gary Kasparov

Effect’s second release during lockdown entered into the Outline Online 2020 256b intro competition was, “Being John Malkovich II: Being Gary Kasparov” coded by Kito of Effect.

An awesome self-generating compact code lesson which surely has AI built into it, or at least a neural network of some kind!  Genius!

Please head on over to the releases section to download this awesome intro!

Outline Online 2020 – Holland on ROXR

During the coronavirus lockdown of 2020, Effect distracted themselves by getting into the spirit of the Atari ST with Tronic learning some coding techniques and Kito working his usual amazing magic!

The first release for Outline Online 2020 was for the 256b intro competition titled, “Holland on ROXR” coded by Tronic of Effect.  A very simple demo demonstrating the ROXR technique.

Please head on over to the releases section to download this awesome intro!

Codef remake of Kuba Club Culture Mix Pack #6

Back in 1994, Tronic of Effect and Mikee of The MLP joined forces with Mikee’s talent for music and graphics, and Tronic’s (questionabl)e talent for coding to produce a virtual music label titled Kuba.  We have released six packs between 1994 and 2019 and had some great fun along the way, from our bedrooms in Caterham to Somerset, England!

More information here on Demozoo with downloads for each pack release.

During the recent Coronavirus pandemic, I (Tronic) decided to learn some new programming languages while locked away in my home under lockdown rules.  Notably, getting back into HTML5 and Javascript, the Codef demo platform and, with some help from some great guys, 68000 assembler programming (watch this space).

My first Codef release was completed recently and is now available to watch.  It is a remake of the latest Kuba Club Culture Mix Pack #6, initially released at Silly Venture in 2019.

You can view the release here on WAB.com

Enjoy and stay safe everyone!

Do Old School Intros Possess Artistic Credibility?

A new intro from Effect released at Silly Venture 2019, codenamed Effect v3.0!  This intro features a zoomer at 50Hz at full overscan/hard sync!

This intro won 1st place in the 96K compo category, coded by our new coder Kito of Effect with graphics by Jade and music by Xrwwr of Effect.  We put this production together in about 5 days!  Great work guys!

Please head on over to the releases section to download this awesome intro!