Industrially Safe Demo Disk #37 finally hits the street!

Finally, a year after Outline 2016, we have completed this Industrially Safe Demo Disk.  This disk features a full overscan intro, sub menu and new loading system. On this disk there are some unreleased, recently released, rare and cool releases for your enjoyment.

Head over to the releases section and download the disk image, fully compatible with the Atari ST and STeeM emulator.

Digital Extazy – Unreleased Megademo from Bod of Effect

Yes, you heard me right.  This type of event does not happen every day, even every year at the moment.  We have found an unreleased megademo by Bod of Effect, then TTK!

Following the recent sad news about Bod passing away, his brother has since sent me Bod’s entire disk collection.  As time allowed, I have been busy cataloguing and imaging Bod’s collection.  I have found some real gems, and this is one shining example nearly lost in time.

This megademo features 12 screens, 2 reset demos and an intro, loader and menu.  I won’t say anymore, you can either download the .ST image file in the releases section, or watch each screen through a YouTube playlist.

Thank you to Evil/DHS for capturing all the screens ready for this big surprise.  Enjoy!