Industrially Safe Demo Disk #38v2

Our first actual new release of 2019 has just hit the internet.

Industrially Safe Demo disks feature unreleased, rare or recently found games, intros, demos and general software.

This time we have some unreleased intros / demos by BBC, Cynix, The Resistance and TCB, not to mention 15 other titles recently resurrected from attics, sheds, cupboards and drawers.

This new release also features the custom loader by Ben of OVR (thanks!) that will completely bypass the intro to the sub-menu if you have to reboot your Atari.  Some of these titles have compatibility issues, so I hope the majority of them work for you.

Code – Bod and Tronic
Graphics – Blaze and TRSI
Music – Jess of OVR
Disk compilation – Tronic

Head on over to the releases section to download the compact.