Industrially Safe Demo Disk #40

A new compact disk, just in time for the end of 2021.  Happy New Year, everyone, and goodbye to 2021!

Industrially Safe Demo disks feature unreleased, rare or recently found games, intros, demos and general software.

Code – Tronic, Tom Kito, and Bod
Graphics – Jade and Pandafox
Music – Frazer of The Syndicate and Mad Max of TEX
Disk compilation – Tronic

On this disk there are some unreleased, recently released, rare and cool releases:-

Cheese and Biscuits unreleased demo screens by The Untouchables
City by The Berlin Chaots
Cyber Clinic Demo by The Blitzboys
Oh No 3 demo screen by Bomb Squad
Rock n Roll by The Berlin Chaots
Renegade by Dutch Muggers Association
Automation Menu 306v3 intro
The North Boys Menu 0, 42 and 54 intros
Shareware BBS Menu 111 intro
Nuntundu UBoy with Tetris by The Untouchables
The Trace v0.74 by Loud and Typhoon

Released on the 31st December 2021 at Field FX party.

Head on over to the releases section to download the compilation disk 🙂