Digital Extazy – Unreleased Megademo from Bod of Effect

Yes, you heard me right.  This type of event does not happen every day, even every year at the moment.  We have found an unreleased megademo by Bod of Effect, then TTK!

Following the recent sad news about Bod passing away, his brother has since sent me Bod’s entire disk collection.  As time allowed, I have been busy cataloguing and imaging Bod’s collection.  I have found some real gems, and this is one shining example nearly lost in time.

This megademo features 12 screens, 2 reset demos and an intro, loader and menu.  I won’t say anymore, you can either download the .ST image file in the releases section, or watch each screen through a YouTube playlist.

Thank you to Evil/DHS for capturing all the screens ready for this big surprise.  Enjoy!

Welcome to the new Effect web site

Welcome to the official home for Effect – the Atari ST demo and packing crew.

Effect was started back in 1993 by Radium, Blaze and Wire 2.69 in Iceland, from the remnants of Royal Instant Pudding and Hemoroids Iceland. In 1997 we all thought Effect had come to an end with a lot of sceners entering the new world of adulthood, wives, jobs and babies!  In recent years, the Atari demo scene is experiencing a big comeback and continues to grow in popularity.

In 2014, I (Tronic), finally picked up were Effect left off back in 1997. This was sparked by renewed interest at the thought of attending my first ever demo party at Silly Venture in Gdansk, Poland. With our comeback, I completed the missing Industrially Safe Demo Disk #31 ready for release at the party, thanks to years of requests from Lotek Style. This disk was supposed to be completed by Effect Finland in 1996/7, but due to inactivity was never released.

Soon after I returned, Bod of ex-STAX showed an interest in joining Effect and we worked together on designing and coding various intros, demos and releases for up and coming demo parties.  We soon gained momentum, and other members joined to help with the music and graphics, now coding.  All our major releases contain original material, with nothing ripped or re-used.

Shockingly in 2016 Bod passed away, so we respectfully had a break from releasing anything new to reflect. We are now back in full Effect, with new members and new ideas, ready for our next releases.  We released a tribute to Bod at Outline 2017 – this can be downloaded on our Releases page.

On our web site you will find all latest releases, from 2014, by Effect.  We always make the extra effort to release a production for the two main Atari demo parties we attend. These are Outline and Silly Venture. While being involved in the demo scene remains fun, we will continue to release productions throughout the year for the Atari ST and its community.