Sommarhack 2021 – A trio of new releases from Effect representing!!!

A trio of fun and exciting demo and intro releases from Effect representing online at Sommarhack 2021.

Flexiscroll 2021

We were inspired to make a bold, brash prod that brings out those feelings of excitement that we all had watching the old demos and cracktro as kids back in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  We wanted to make a demo that gets in your face and leaves you out of breath!

The Flexiscroll from the Decade Demo by the Inner Circle was always one of our favourites back in the day, so we decided to have a go at doing our own version, with a brand new method.  Whilst the amazing 1991 original by Griff states that it draws around 3000 pixels per frame, ours hits as high as 8000 (or even higher) pixels per frame on some of the waveforms!  And it really is as it looks – this scroll truly can take any form, and each waveform is created in the short interval between the last wave fading out and the new wave fading in.

This demo took a very, VERY long time to complete.  Some of the code is more than two years old, and we spent literally hundreds of hours trying to get the flow and presentation to the level we wanted it.  There are lots of little details nestled in there, and some new techniques (we think…) on display too.  Watch it a few times and see what you can notice 🙂

This 64kb demo runs on STF/STEs with at least 1Mb of RAM.

Bread and Circuses:

The scrolltext on this one speaks for itself 😉.  In terms of the main effect, this uses our new chunky display routines – which are super super fast!  We haven’t even scratched the surface of what we can potentially use these routines for – so watch this space…

This crowd pleaser entry which also runs on STF/STEs with half a meg or more of memory.

Fruit is Great!:

The motivation for this 256 came solely through frantic ongoing competition between Tom/EFT and spkr/SMFX.  We heard on the grapevine that he had pulled off a plasma in 256 bytes, so we realised right away needed to up our game to try to match him.  Whether in the end we did or didn’t is your call – but we would like to point out that of our 256 bytes, 128 are taken up with bitmap data (ripped from Bubble Bobble!!), and a further 16 are occupied with palette data.   If you do your sums, you’ll therefore realise that we fit all of our code for this intro into just 112 measly bytes!!  We think this achievement deserves an award of its own!

This 256 byte intro runs on STF/STE with half a meg or more of memory.

To read more, and download the releases, head over to the Releases section.